9 things to know about Nice

flagWhy go to Nice? For the beaches and sunshine of course! I just spent a few months in a Canadian winter before arriving in Nice, I felt like I’d arrived in paradise. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sun on your skin for the first time in months.

I really did enjoy my stay in Nice, this list of 9 things you should know about Nice, sums up my experience there.





1. You’ll spend a lot of time on the beach


2. But don’t expect white sandy beaches, it’s all rock.

stones on beach

3. You’ll see some interesting characters


4. There are gorgeous views of the city and beaches from the highest point in Nice.

me in nice

5. The beaches are packed with topless young women and lots of old leathery men and women


6. Gelato here is amazing. My favourite gelato was from Arlquelin’s.


7. The region is famous for lavender


8. There are amazing food and flower markets

zuchinini flowers


9. There is lots to do in the surrounding area. Both Cannes and Monaco are within a 30 min train ride from Nice.


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